10 Ways to Use Rose Water

10 Ways to Use Rose Water

Did you know Rose Water can be used in multiple ways in your beauty routine and to alleviate skin conditions? Naturally hydrating and cooling it can be used as an everyday facial toner and makeup remover. Because of its cooling properties it can reduce redness and itching for sunburn, rosacea, acne, and eczema. For your hair, it’s a great conditioner and can even reduce dandruff.  It’s so good you can even use it to change your mindset! Read on to find out 10 ways to use Rose Water. 

10 Ways to Use Rose Water

 #1 As a Face/Facial Toner

The simplest way to use Rose Water is as an all-natural toner. This is a great way to hydrate your skin and balance your skin’s pH levels. 

  • How to Use: After cleansing your face with a mild soap or cleanser either spritz some on or spray some on a makeup pad and gently apply to your face and neck. Finish with your favorite moisturizer or beauty oil. 

#2 As a Makeup Remover

Rose Water is also great as a non-toxic makeup remover. 

  • How to Use: Apply some Rose Water and 1 tablespoon of Argan Oil, Coconut Oil or Jojoba Oil to a cotton pad. Immediately wipe makeup off using this cotton pad soaked in Rose Water and your favorite beauty oil. 

#3 As an Eye De-Puffer

Rose Water is gentle enough to use on your eyes and is a great way to depuff your eyes. 

  • How to Use: Soak a cotton pad in Rose Water. Squeeze off excess and apply this soaked cotton pad over your eyes. Relax and leave over your eyes for about 10 minutes. 

10 Ways to Use Rose Water

#4 To Soothe Itchy Skin

Due to its ability to provide cooling comfort, Rose Water can be very soothing for itchy skin. 

  • How to Use: Spritz directly on itchy skin. The feeling of itchiness should lessen immediately. 

#5 To Soothe Sunburn and Redness

Rose Water is also able to soothe sunburn and calm red, irritated skin due to its cooling sensation. 

  • How to Use: Spritz directly on sunburn and red skin. The sunburn will feel cooler after application and within days should be cleared up. 

#6 Instead of Water in a Face Mask 

Rose Water is a great substitute for regular water when mixing a clay mask and provides more benefits than water alone. 

  • How to Use: Replace the quantity of water called for with Rose Water. 

#7 As a Hair Rinse/Leave-In Conditioner

Did you know Rose Water is also good for your hair? It leaves it soft and manageable. It can also be used to reduce dandruff. 

  • How to Use: After shampooing and/or conditioning, you can work some Rose Water into your hair. Use a comb to pull it through. Leave on for 2 minutes and then rinse off or alternatively leave it in as a leave-in conditioner. Use it in the same manner if you have dandruff. 

#8 As an After-Shower Hydrator

Rose Water is a great all-natural way to hydrate your skin. 

  • How to Use: After showering, just spritz some all over your body. Follow up with your favorite moisturizer or beauty oil to lock in hydration.

10 Ways to Use Rose Water

#9 As a Quick Refresher

When you’re on the go and need a quick way to freshen up, Rose Water can help you do just that. Carry a bottle in your bag so that you’re always ready.

  • How to Use: Just spritz some on when you feel the need to freshen up. It’s especially great in the summer heat when you want a splash of something cool to mist onto your face. 

#10 As a Mood Lifter/Brightener/Enhancer/Booster

If all that wasn’t enough, Rose Water also can uplift your mood and help you to destress and relax. 

  • How to Use: Spritz some on your wrists and face and within minutes you should feel calmer and more relaxed. 

So, as you can see Rose Water can be used in multiple ways to beautify yourself or alleviate skin issues. It’s one of those items that you should always stock in your beauty cabinet as well as your handbag. 

Make sure you choose one that is 100% pure and not mixed with any other ingredients. Preferably you should also buy one that is certified organic and packaged in a dark glass bottle to preserve its quality and benefits. Lastly, look for Rose Water packaged in a spray bottle for easy application. 

10 Ways to Use Rose Water

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