our story

We are an indie beauty woman-owned small business. The idea for BeautyZana was born when we decided to opt for natural and non-toxic products in our own lifestyles. Most products claim to be natural but when you read the ingredient list there are a lot of extra not so nice things added. We decided to create our own line that would meet these requirements. Our goal is to offer you wonderful products without added chemicals & preservatives. We hope that you share the same mindset as us & we look forward to providing you with amazing products.

our brand

The name BeautyZana has a special meaning. It was created by our founder from the words ‘beauty’ and ‘artisan’. Morocco is famous for its artisan work in pottery, ceramics, leather, woodwork, and rug weaving to name a few. All of this handcrafted work has a distinctive look like no other in terms of color, design, and patterns. When we combine these two words together we have ‘handcrafted beauty.’ This name truly reflects our brand because the techniques used to create Moroccan beauty are traditional and timeless and are truly a work of art. It is our honor to share this beauty with you.
animated beige Moroccan clay pot

our vision

We strive to offer you the best & finest quality Moroccan beauty products. Why Moroccan? Most Moroccan products are not mass-produced & they are simple, pure & natural yet very effective. Come experience the beauty secrets that Moroccan women have traditionally used for centuries for beautiful skin & hair.


Most of our products can only be found in the region of Morocco such as Argan Oil, Beldi Soap & Ghassoul Clay. Our products are Made in Morocco with love & care. They come straight from the source to you so you can be assured of their authenticity. BeautyZana is also proud that our products are Not Tested on Animals & are Fair Trade.  

Ingredients You Can Read & Trust

All our products are Pure & Natural. Most have only a few ingredients & some only one! No preservatives, additives, sulfates or parabens. Just good stuff! And we use & test all of our products. If we wouldn't use it, we wouldn't sell it!

premium packaging

All our Oils & Floral Waters are packaged in dark amber glass bottles to maintain quality, freshness & maximum shelf life. Clays & Black Soaps are packaged in recyclable plastic jars for convenience in the bath and/or shower.
animated red Moroccan clay pot

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