6 Must-Have Products for your Clean Hair Care Routine


Nowadays there are so many choices when it comes to hair care products that it's hard to choose which ones to use. In honor of National Hair Day which is October 1st,  we’ve carefully curated this list of clean beauty hair care products that are easy and simple to use. 

These 5 brands are part of the Conscious Beauty Collective Pop-Up Shop in Natick Mall just outside of Boston which is running from now until December 31st. Lynn Power of MASAMI is the creator of this amazing initiative in which she has selected 30 clean beauty and wellness brands to participate in this one of a kind collaboration. Her goal is to bring awareness to these smaller, lesser known indie brands as well as the conscious beauty movement that they stand for by putting them at the forefront in a luxury retail space. 

  • Deep Cleansing Hair Mask

First off let’s start with a hair mask using BEAUTYZANA’S Ghassoul Clay. This natural occurring clay only found deep beneath the Atlas Mountains of Morocco deeply cleanses your hair by removing toxins and excess surface oils. Naturally rich in minerals such as magnesium, potassium, iron and silica it adds strength, shine and softness to your hair. Acting as a detoxifier it can remove buildup on the scalp, improve hair elasticity and reduce frizz. The results: silky soft, manageable, conditioned and volumized hair. Ghassoul Clay can also be used as a face and/or body mask and is available in 2 varieties: Original or Herbal which includes lavender, thyme, rosemary, rose, eucalyptus, chamomile and argan.

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  • Hydrating Shampoo & Conditioner
  • Next up, is MASAMI’S Mekabu Hydrating Shampoo and Hydrating Conditioner. Replace your normal shampoo and conditioner with these clean beauty winners. They contain no sulfates, parabens or phthalates. Infused with a Japanese ocean botanical called Mekabu it makes your hair shine and delivers weightless hydration. This duo is perfect for all hair types and provides nourishment to your scalp and your hair. We recommend shampooing and conditioning your hair 2-3 times a week but if you prefer these are gentle enough to use everyday.  

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  • Oil Absorbing Dry Shampoo
  • For those in between days, or when you need a quick fix and have no time for a good hair washing we suggest Cleo & Coco’s Dry Shampoo & Body Powder. Made with only plant-based powders, natural clays and essential oils this dry shampoo has the ability to absorb oil and eliminate odor. Plus you can also use it on your body. Available in three varieties: Basil Mint, Grapefruit Bergamot, and Lavender Vanilla, we're sure you’ll find one that appeases your senses. So, if your roots are looking greasy and you need to freshen up your hair between washes this is a surefire way to go. 

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  • Revitalizing Hair Oil
  • If you’re looking for a hair oil, you’ll want to try MAY 11’s Revitalizing Hair Oil. A multi-use product it can be used as a deep conditioning treatment, a styling aid or at the beach or pool to protect your hair from UV rays, salty water and/or chlorine.  This oil will revitalize your hair, make it fuller, bouncier, shinier and overall improve the health of your hair. This unique oil blend with key all natural ingredients such as Jamaican Black Castor Oil and Hemp Seed Oil work together to protect and nourish your hair. It’s capable of restoring dull, lifeless hair, repairing chemically damaged hair and enhancing hair luster and elasticity. Choose from Original, Fragrance-Free or infused with Neroli Essential Oil.  

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    • Hair Growth Mist 

    Last but not least, another incredible product is Aromatherapy Drops’s Gro Herbal Hair Mist. Regular use of this hair mist will promote healthy hair growth and will repair weak, over processed damaged hair and mend split ends. Formulated with therapeutic grade essential oils such as clary sage, niaouli and rosemary leaf oil sourced from the Mediterranean Coast it can minimize shedding and hair loss by improving blood circulation to the scalp and supplying nutrients to the hair follicle. Over time this will result in healthier voluminous hair. 

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    All in all we have presented some really great hair products for you to try. If you’re interested in trying a new hair routine, why not give these a go? We’ve done the research for you and can guarantee that all ingredients are safe and effective. 

    A special thank you to all the founders of these indie beauty brands for sparking the idea for this article-Lynn@MASAMI, Suzannah@Cleo&Coco, Romina@MAY11, Lejla@AromatherapyDrops and Deborah@BEAUTYZANA. One of the key principles at the Conscious Beauty Collective Shop is collaboration over competition and we think this is a perfect example of this in action.