ARGAN OIL...5 Reasons Why You SHOULD Pay More

Argan OilLiquid Gold as it is also known. What exactly is Argan Oil and are there really different qualities? Let's look at 5 ways to find the best one. 

First off, Argan trees are native to Morocco only and moreover only grow in the South West region of Morocco. Argan oil is produced in this region using traditional methods. It is the Moroccan women who are indigenous to this area that pick and choose the best Argan nuts and de-shell them making them ready for the oil extraction process. It is a difficult and labor-intensive process but it has brought a lot of economic freedom to these women and their families. To protect these women's rights they have formed cooperatives to make sure these women are given fair prices for their hard work.

Let me get back to our original the old saying goes “you get what you pay for.” Sadly, there are definitely inferior qualities of Argan Oil on the market. So how are you to know which is the genuine one?

1) Ingredients & Quality

First off you need to read the label. Pure Argan Oil has only one ingredient, which is 100% Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil. Make sure that it is cold-pressed and preferably certified organic. The best are USDA Organic and EcoCert. Many times you can find both. Argan Oil can be either Virgin or Extra Virgin. Extra Virgin is of course, the best as well as more expensive. You should also know that Argan Oil comes in Cosmetic Grade and Culinary Grade. For best results, choose the Cosmetic Grade for your skin, hair, and nails.

2) Packaging & Price

Dark glass bottles are the best way to package Argan Oil. This preserves the benefits of the oil by protecting it from sunlight. Stay clear from plastic or clear bottles to ensure your Argan Oil's beneficial properties are intact. Also remember to store your Argan Oil in a cool, dark place. 

Authentic Argan Oil is not cheap. If the price is too low, it probably isn't the real thing. It's definitely worth it to spend a little more to get the genuine product. 

3) Color & Thickness

Pure Argan Oil is a golden yellow color. Additionally, it should be light and not thick. Check out the photo below showing the perfect color...

4) Smell

Pure Argan Oil should have a subtle, nutty smell. What's more, the smell should disappear within minutes after applying to your skin or hair. Nowadays you can find some manufacturers selling a deodorized Argan Oil at a lower price. If it doesn't have any odor than the manufacturer may have used this process to remove the odor so that the customer cannot recognize the inferior quality. On the other hand, you should be wary of a strong odor because this could signify that it was deodorized with chemicals. A rancid smell could mean that it's old or was kept in humid conditions which definitely would spoil the oil's quality. 

5) Absorption & Results

Good quality Argan Oil should be non-greasy and absorb easily into your skin and hair. On your skin, it should be soothing, not stinging and should leave your skin soft and smooth. On your hair, it should absorb quickly and should leave your hair shiny and smooth. Remember not to overdo it...just a few drops are necessary to see results.  

Ultimately, you should consider all these factors when trying to decide which brand of Argan Oil you should buy.